The Trade Show Circuit and Sports Updates

Posted on March 21, 2011 by Michael Benarroch

The Trade Show Circuit and Sports Updates

Posted on March 21, 2011 by Michael Benarroch

Hello Everyone,
Again, I have been neglecting my duties to regularly update my blog.

Fresh back from Germany and the Euroshop Fixture Show. Once again, the show was very impressive in terms of size, scale and the amount of people that attend. I like to judge the success of my attendance at these shows by the amount of new ideas that I am able to walk away with (or business, of course). This years Euroshop did not disappoint. There are some very cool new products that we will be making available to CBSF loyal shortly when our contract negotiations have been finalized.
There is an area in Dusseldorf called “Old Town” that is a great spot with cobblestone streets and plenty of restaurants and bars. Within Old Town there is a really small restaurant call Schweine Janes If you are ever in the neighbourhood, it is an absolute necessity. It is beautiful and delicious in its simplicity. One thing on the menu, pork. Pork prepared 3 or 4 different ways with 3 or 4 choices of sides. Thats it and it’s Fantastic!!!

The New York International Gift Fair was not nearly as successful as we’d hoped it would be. Weather hampered our efforts as the sleet and snow got the best of the attendees and most people pulled the chute after the first day with a looming storm warning. Nevertheless, all of it is a learning experience and a couple of opportunities were dug out of the effort. A few days in New York never hurts to take the temperature of the global business climate.

In one week it is the Globalshop Fixture Show in Las Vegas. Looking forward to that as much as the tables are looking forward to taking more of my money. This year we will be exhibiting our Battery Operated Kiosk innovation in booth 1964. The Battery Operated Kiosk is a product of Idealab Innovation Corp. a partnership venture between Canada’s Best Holdings and Omniplan Project Services. This exciting new product resembles a giant I-Phone and has all the interactive and promotional capability with its 42″ touch screen monitor, but does not require a plug. This opens up a whole new realm of opportunity for retailers and many others as the unit is capable of running at full power for a minimum of 14 hours on an 8 hour charge and has the versatility of being moved around a location and performing many different functions within a period. Yet another way that the CBSF group of companies is striving to revolutionize the retail industry. Please visit to learn more.

It’s March Madness!!!!

I’m not a basketball fan, but I love this shit. The raw energy and enthusiasm of ” you lose, you’re out” is great. My first exposure to the tournament was a few years ago in North Carolina. The energy in the bar was incredible and I’ve been hooked ever since. Much like the environment in any Amsterdam pub when Ajax is playing. Incredible! Go Butler!

Kids hockey is officially over for the season. Senior Morris’ CBSF Penguins had an unbelievable finish. Lost a heartbreaker of a semi final game in triple overtime shootouts with a substitute goalie. Joseph, the backbone goalie of the season got the flu and tried to dress, but watched the game over a puke bucket. Tough as nails that kid. It was a packed house and a thrilling game despite the loss. Props to Luca the replacement goalie who had been playing out all season and played like a veteran goalie when he needed to. The final game for third place was equally exciting and resulted in a win for a third place finish. Grandma was so overwhelmed, she was brought to tears. Thanks to coach Marc for an amazing job!

Junior Morris’ Vaughan Rangers team did not fair as well. The final playoff game was last night where they were absolutely pasted by the George Bell team by a score of a whole bunch to 1. We’re looking forward to 4 on 4 and spring tourney hockey for both boys as well as soccer. Not sure what I’m going to with all this time when they get older, but I’ll deal with that then. Thanks to coach Claudio for a fun and very progressive season and we look forward to greater things.

Very proud to announce that we were just awarded the signage and graphics business from Rexall Pharma Plus. With the demise of one of our competitors and our recent equipment investment into this sector of our business, we were granted the opportunity to help out the Rexall group for a short period while they transitioned and prepared to go to tender. Our ability to ramp up and help out quickly as well as be aggressive and show some significant savings in the tender process earned us the opportunity to earn the respect of yet another leader in Canadian retail. We look forward to earning a greater portion of the business in different sectors such as gondola shelving and millwork.

Lastly and certainly not least, our solar panel project is nearing it’s end. The Amp Solar Group has done an amazing job in keeping the project on time and on budget. Racking is up, panels have been delivered. The next edition of the blog will have images of the completed project. Very impressive and we are proud to be leaders in the alternative energy sector.


That’s all for now, please continue to visit our website at for more ideas and information.