Protect Staff and Customers with Custom Acrylic Screens and Floor Decals

Posted on March 30, 2020 by Carm McCormick

Protect Staff and Customers with Custom Acrylic Screens and Floor Decals

Posted on March 30, 2020 by Carm McCormick

At CBSF, we have standard and custom acrylic screens and decals to meet all your needs.

Sneeze guards, plexiglass, acrylic screens and floor decals with fast shipping across Canada!

Our acrylic shields are removable and are designed to adhere securely for use, making them removable when necessary. Explore our acrylic screens and floor decal product options below. 

To order custom acrylic sheets, plexiglass or floor decals, contact us today at (647) 560-2097 or toll-free at 1-866-525-4424

Let’s take a look at the use cases for acrylic screens for retailers looking to take as many preventive measures as possible while still serving foot traffic to their stores. 

Sneeze guards

Sneeze guards are large shields made of acrylic material that provide a barrier between people, and many retailers are using custom sneeze guards to limit the interaction between customers and cashiers. 

Because COVID-19 safety measures strongly recommend staying 6 feet (or 2 meters) apart from one another, sneeze guards are a simple yet effective way to achieve that necessary distance while still allowing customers to make purchases and cashiers to perform their duties. 

At CBSF, we have created thousands of acrylic screens and displays that have helped retailers with custom product displays, signage, shelves and, now, sneeze guards. 

Protective displays and shelving

Keeping customers and retail staff safe from the spread of germs and illness is at the forefront of both your mind and business operations, but germs can live on surfaces for hours (and, in the case of COVID-19, sometimes days), which means that your shelving and product displays could be impacted. 

Acrylics and plastics can be used to create custom protective product cases, shelving, and displays that you can use in your retail locations to protect certain products and goods that should only be handled by staff or specific team members to limit the spread of germs. 

Counters, kiosks, and checkouts 

Just like sneeze guards, acrylic and plastics are a great way of creating unique counters, kiosks, and checkout areas that not only serve a purpose in allowing your staff to perform their duties, but protect both shoppers and cashiers. 

With checkout areas, it’s doubly important that contact and interaction are limited, and using acrylic sheets to create sneeze guards, shielded counters and kiosks, and larger checkouts that create enough distance to eliminate unnecessary contact is a productive and effective way to protect people shopping and working in your store. 


Contact our expert retail design team today at (647) 560-2097 or toll-free at 1-866-525-4424 to order custom acrylic sheets, plexiglass, or floor decals.  

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