Retail Displays Reach New Levels of Cunning

Posted on November 21, 2016 by Carm McCormick

Retail Displays Reach New Levels of Cunning

Posted on November 21, 2016 by Carm McCormick

One day, our grandchildren will look back on the retail landscape of old and marvel at the simplistic and limited scene. Imagine not having ready access to streams of digital information about a product you’re considering buying, including comparator data on its competitors, reviews and even a customized soundtrack!

Today we live in more transitory times. Increasingly, stores are getting decked out in technologically enhanced displays that invite shoppers to consider a great deal of information about consumer products.

Here are a few of the cooler newcomers.

An interactive nail polish display, created for the Urban Hues collection by Color Splash, gets multisensory with a particularly appealing table. Here, shoppers select a colour from the spectrum of choices, thus revealing pricing information and also recommendations for outfits the shopper might wear to best enhance the hue. Better still, the selection of a bottle sets off a specific sound. When more than one colour is plucked off the table, a blended harmony plays.

An interactive shoe display designed for athletic label Trackstar showcases new products in a most experiential way.

The digitized shoe-shelving concept boasts four interactive screens that spring into life when a user picks up a specific shoe. A touchscreen backdrop presents visitors with 360-degree views of each athletic shoe’s most important elements, technical details, and pricing information, along with instant access to user reviews from consumers from around the globe.

Better still, each shoe has a video reel that captures it in action on the product-testing feet of marathon runners, fitness buffs and other athletes.

A clever wine retail display designed for Belinni Estates shuns the typical utilitarian metal shelves for smart wine merchandising units that spill over with product info, flavour profiles and data points on wine origins. When a customer lifts one of the nine displayed bottles off the shelf, a digitized background screen offers touch-sensitive options like “details,” “notes” and “reviews.”

More than just enhancing wine drinkers’ shopping experience with interactivity and education (and with a nod to millennial sensibilities), this new idea gives liquor brands a unique opportunity to promote their products.

Broadly speaking, consumers’ desires for immersive marketing will continue to drive innovation in this next generation of sophisticated merchandising solutions. Our future grandchildren will expect nothing less.


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