Apple Embarks on Core Renewal

Posted on September 3, 2015 by Bud Morris

Apple Embarks on Core Renewal

Posted on September 3, 2015 by Bud Morris

How far from the tree the Apple falls may soon be revealed.Apple store

The retailer appears poised to launch its new store design, the subject of much speculation since its rumoured worldwide “next-generation” overhaul was hinted at in a New Yorker article in February.

The inaugural appearance of the new concept in the States will reportedly (a $1.5-million building permit providing the biggest clue) be in a location near Memphis that is actually one of the company’s oldest stores (though this will be in a different retail space within the same mall).

Details on the stores’ new design are still largely under wraps, but certain facts have leached into public consciousness as fact. To wit, the new concept will reportedly feature:

• An exterior wall outfitted with a matte granite reinforced panel.

• Natural oak tables inside.

• A storefront that includes a changeable display with living plants, TV screens and artwork.

• A switchover of the current brick façade into a three-panel glass front.

Recent months have already seen the Apple Store unveil certain subtle changes to its retail experience. In July, it began carrying products whose packaging embraced a premium feel. It has yanked back the number of accessories on its shelves. And it has ditched Smart Signs in favour of on-device product sales information.

Apple is on track to extend the new retail design into some overseas stores this fall.