We are Canada’s Leading Supplier of Lozier Pharmacy Shelving

Posted on January 20, 2021 by Michael Benarroch

We are Canada’s Leading Supplier of Lozier Pharmacy Shelving

Posted on January 20, 2021 by Michael Benarroch

From Classic Rx Wall and Island Units to Flex Rx Storage Systems, all Lozier Pharmacy Shelving and parts are designed to boost employee efficiency and help serve customers better.

For Pharmacy owners, especially independents, your unique working space requires the very best layout and the right tools and equipment.

Unlike almost any other retail environment, your space serves as a retail shop, a healthcare practice, and a secure lockup.

Designed to serve each of these unique needs while also allowing independent pharmacies to make better use of their space, Lozier Pharmacy Shelving increases employee efficiencies and creates safe spaces for better customer care.

Let’s dig into the five reasons Lozier Pharmacy Shelving is the right choice for your independent pharmacy.

#1 – Endless Configuration Options

The #1 benefit of Lozier Pharmacy Shelving systems over competing systems is that the endless (and we mean endless) configuration options available to you make it perfect for almost any space.

So much more than simply Wall or Island Sections, you can mix, match, and combine from:

  • Flex RX Shelving – a Meccano-like system that’s fully configurable to your unique pharmacy space. (more details below)
  • Classic Rx Wall And Island Units – cost-effective with the right “looks,” these wall and island units give a classic look and feel.
  • RX Undercounter Units – a wide selection of cabinet options, including standard drawer and filing configurations, plus unique use-options like sink, vial, bottle dispensing, refuse, or narcotic lockup units.
  • All of the accessories you may need, including additional shelving, wire baskets, and more.

Lozier Pharmacy Shelving, 100% custom configured for your space, your staff, and your customers, will give you the working environment you need.

#2 – Classic Pharmacy Shelving or Flex Rx Shelving Options

When most pharmacists think about shelving for their space, they think of the Classic RX Pharmacy Shelving Line.

Lozier’s Classic RX Pharmacy Shelving is not only a cost-effective solution, especially if you’re looking to add new shelving to a pre-existing space with similar shelving, but additional specs give you:

  • A two-piece modular design for Wall or Island configurations in classic white.
  • Standard dimensions and configurations based on:
    • Overall height: 84″
    • Wall depth: 7 1/2″
    • Island depth: 15″ (two Walls back-to-back)
    • Use 15″ W Wall units at Island Ends.
    • Two-piece modular design.
    • Fixed Top, Center, and Base Shelf.
    • Optional End Panels ordered separately.
  • Each unit includes 6 Shelves adjustable on 1 1/2″ centers.

Now, if you’re looking for the ultimate, do-it-all, fully-customizable pharmacy shelving setup (at a cost-effective price), Lozier’s Flex RX Pharmacy Shelving system has it all.

  • A Meccano-like shelving system that gives endless configuration options.
  • Features open backs for better visibility.
  • Fully customizable based on:
    • Upright height: 84″
    • Shelf depth: 7 1/4″
    • Overall depth: Wall Section: 8 1/2″ Island Section: 15″
    • Overall length without End Frame equals the sum of Section widths plus 1″ to account for Upright width.
    • Add 8 1/2″ for each End Frame with Shelves.
    • Add 3/4″ for each Wood End Panel.
  • All shelves can be installed in either a flat or 17° downslant angle with a full lip for repositioning shelves with merchandise.
  • All uprites have 1″ slot spacing for flexible reconfigurations.

Between the Classic RX line and the Flex RX System – Lozier Pharmacy Shelving gives you everything you need to create an efficient working space.

#3 – Will Call Bag Accessories for Lozier Pharmacy Shelving

Whether you prefer to hang your Will Call Bags or simply hold them in a wire bin, Lozier Pharmacy Shelving gives you the accessories you need, including:

  • Will call bag hangrods
  • Will call bag wire baskets
  • Wire basket dividers

With options available for both the Classic RX line or the Flex RX system, both Will call bag hangrods and wire baskets can be easily integrated into your shelving systems.

  • Add storage space over your counter units.
  • The unit includes a fixed bottom shelf and four adjustable shelves that can be adjusted on 1 ½” centres.
  • Easily add additional shelves with 36″ w Classic Rx Shelves.
  • Available in classic white.

#4 – RX Wall-mounted Storage Shelving

For those looking to make the most of their wall space, the RX Wall-mounted Storage Shelving is a sturdy and robust wall-mounted shelving unit.

  • Add storage space over your counter units.
  • The unit includes a fixed bottom shelf and four adjustable shelves that can be adjusted on 1 ½” centres.
  • Easily add additional shelves with 36″ w Classic Rx Shelves.
  • Available in classic white.

With 7 1/2″ D x 36″ W x 39″ H dimensions, RX Wall-mounted Storage Shelving allows you to add storage without compromising floor space.

#5 – Lozier Pharmacy Cabinets Including Secure Narcotic Lockups & RX Bottle Dispenser Units

While strictly speaking, Lozier’s under-counter Pharmacy Cabinets fall outside of “pharmacy shelving,” they play a critical role in your working space setup.

Pharmacy Cabinets not only maximize your needed storage space, they also allow every independent pharmacy to incorporate specialty elements like:

  • Add draw or file cabinets to store your required files, paperwork, and documents.
    • RX draw units have 5 equal drawers, each 7″ H with 5″ H clearance.
    • RX prescription file units have 4 equal drawers, each 8 1/2″ H with 6 1/2″ H inside clearance.
  • Card followers to help you maintain rows of cards.
    • Use with Drawer Unit or Prescription File Unit.
    • Maintains three rows 6 1/2″ W per Drawer.
  • Open storage units for larger or bulky items.
    • Two steel Shelves, adjust on 2″ centers.
  • Sink units to plumb in water supply to your working space.
    • 7″ D stainless steel sink, 14″ D x 16″ W Bowl.
    • Chrome-plated faucet.
    • Right-hand hinged door.
  • Vial draw units to store and organize vials.
    • Two large capacity flat-bottom drawers, taper from 9 1/2″ H at the rear to 5″ H at front.
    • Fronts measure 7″ H, opening above is 10″
    • Each drawer includes four dividers adjustable 1″ on center.
  • Bottle dispenser units to store and organize bottles.
    • Self-feeding slanted shelf drawers.
    • The base drawer is 7″ H with 7 1/2″ clearance.
    • Upper shelves: 3 1/2″ H.
    • Each drawer includes five dividers adjusting on 1″ centers.
  • Narcotic units to store and securely lockup controlled substances.
    • 7″ H locking external drawer with 3 1/4″ clearance.
    • Two 1 1/2″ H sliding internal trays with 8″ clearance.
    • Four dividers on internal trays, 1″ adjustability.
    • 10 1/2″ H space at the bottom of the unit.
    • Right-hand hinged door with lock.
  • Computer and printer storage units for all of your electronics.
    • Computer units have perforated doors for ventilation and an internal slide-out shelf.
    • Printer units have a sliding shelf, and with a printer opening of 20 7/16″ W x 21″ D x 21″ H, it supports larger printers.
  • Refuse and waste units.
    • 5 3/4″ opening above the door.
    • Two widths: 24”W & 12”W.

And finally, consider the construction of the Lozier RX Undercounter Units. All standard units (unless otherwise specified above) are made to the following specifications:

  • Built to industry-standard dimensions – 24″ W x 24″ D x 38″ H.
  • Constructed from welded steel frames.
  • Recessed black plastic door and drawer pulls.
  • All have electrical access knockouts and 3″ H recessed base.
  • RX Countertops are fastened to cabinets from the underside, to be ordered separately.
  • Finished under counter units are 39″ H.

Design The Most Efficient Setup For Your Pharmacy

As you know, no two pharmacies are the same. The needs of each business vary:

  • Neighbourhood to neighbourhood, clients and their needs change.
  • Pharmacy to pharmacy, the volume, speed, and staffing levels change.
  • And especially important if you offer compounding or special services.

So when designing your pharmacy working and dispensing space, you need a custom setup, one that is designed for your unique needs, including:

  • Your average stock levels, including quantities and the variety of items you keep on hand.
  • Your staffing & customer order volume, designing your space to handle peak levels.
  • Your internal processes and working style, creating a space that allows you and your team to be as efficient as possible.
  • The need to accommodate staff or clients with special accessibility needs or accommodations.

If you’re inheriting a space from a past pharmacy, looking at new space, or if you just need some parts – at Canada’s Best Store Fixtures we are Canada’s leading supplier of Lozier Gondola Shelving – including Lozier Pharmacy Shelving parts and service.

Contact us for details on Lozier Pharmacy Shelving design services, part numbers, and pricing.