[VIDEO] You Won’t Believe How This Marketing Tactic Is Making Shoppers Feel Nostalgic!

Posted on June 1, 2023 by CBSF

[VIDEO] You Won’t Believe How This Marketing Tactic Is Making Shoppers Feel Nostalgic!

Posted on June 1, 2023 by CBSF

Have you ever considered Nostalgic Marketing? For many shoppers, remembering the past leads to sales and here’s why.

As retailers and entrepreneurs, we always look for new ways to reach our customers and impact the marketplace. But one marketing tactic that’s overlooked is nostalgia – evoking a sense of familiarity in shoppers through thoughtful messaging and subtle reminders of their past.

The good news? It doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!

From unique promotions to clever product placement, here’s how you can leverage nostalgia for your brand today without breaking the bank.

In this post and the video above, we share the three reasons why Nostalgic Marketing works:

  • Winning brands create emotion
  • It’s smart and cost-effective
  • It’s used across a wide range of industries


Having delivered for 10,000+ locations and 200 million+ sq ft of retail space over 15+ years, we know what it takes to grow a retail business.

Here are three resources to help with your growth:

Insider tips on how the right retail signs can drive sales for your store.

The best displays masterfully combine curiosity, a powerful message, and memorability.

Creating an exceptional retail environment is about personalizing the mould without breaking it.


Whether it’s Nokia re-releasing old-school 3310 phones a few years back.

…or Buzzfeed sharing the 64 toys you wish you had as a kid…

…or Coke selling glass bottles…

…or Disney going all in on Star Wars…

Playing on nostalgia as a marketing tool works. And here are 3 reasons why.

Number one: Winning brands create emotion.

The psychology behind it is simple, brands can stir up emotions of a better time or place, and when they do, people can’t help but want to recapture what they once had or finally get what they couldn’t, leading to an emotion-driven purchase decision.

Number two: It’s smart and cost-effective. 

According to GlobalWebIndex, 80% of those surveyed occasionally experience feelings of nostalgia. And 40% say they do so often. 

Another benefit is it allows marketers to use the same tried and true ideas to keep costs down. 

Number three: It’s used across a wide range of industries.

From streaming networks releasing shows like Stranger Things, rebooting old content, and spin-offs…

…to beverages resurrecting retro packaging like Pepsi throwback…

…to sports teams releasing limited-run classic jerseys…

…to fast food bringing back old menu items…

…to shoe companies releasing retro styles…


And now that you understand the power of Nostalgic Marketing, you’ll start to see it everywhere and hopefully start leveraging its power in your business too.


At CBSF, we know that the same old strategies lead to the same old results.

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