Movember, Hockey Update and Christmas is Coming

Posted on December 4, 2011 by Michael Benarroch

Movember, Hockey Update and Christmas is Coming

Posted on December 4, 2011 by Michael Benarroch

Movember is over and the Holiday Season is upon us. A group of us hairy and not so hairy individuals banded together to form the Canada’s Best team of lazy, dirty individuals growing facial hair in support of raising awareness of prostrate cancer. We had a successful run and raised just over $1,000.00 for this worthy cause. I’m glad it’s over though and we’ve had the opportunity to clean up. I couldn’t wait to shave.

Straight to business. Kid’s hockey update. Young Morris senior has suddenly figured out how to play the game. Of course I attribute it to him finally listening to his father, he argues this point, however it’s working. He scored two goals in a game last week and continues to play shockingly well, supporting the CBSF house league team to first place overall currently. Great job boys, keep it up!

Young Morris junior and the CBSF Vaughan Rangers are not fairing as well in the standings, but are playing some fantastic hockey. The coaching staff has brought these kids so far it’s unbelievable. All of the games are so close, it’s sick. Keep up the hard work boys, it’s gonna pay off.

Now for the big kids, how about those Leafs!! I’m really excited to be a season ticket holder this year. I’m not sure what happened over this summer, but I hope they keep it up. Kessel is on fire!

Football is fantastic and the Bears are in a great position to be in the playoffs again, but Cutler being down for a few weeks is going to make it a little more challenging. Here’s hoping that Caleb settles in and can lead the boys for a little while. Scalping the Chiefs this Sunday!

We are very proud to announce Estée Lauder recently joined the group of CBSF customer partners. This is an exciting opportunity for us to prove our value to this well respected brand. More to come on that.

Following a very successful test run of the new “Living” strategy for Canadian Tire, we are proud to announce that CBSF has been selected as the key strategic partner to CTC for the manufacturing of all of the elements. The key component to this exciting new look and feel is a 16 foot long stainless steel range hood that identifies the department. Very cool. Further, the team at Canada’s Best Merchandising Services, after a very successful implementation of the test program will be helping CTC execute the rollout. Great job everyone!

Lastly, our manufacturing teams recently launched a new Quality Control program that is very exciting in that it provides our employee partners even more opportunity to be involved in the entire creative process, contributing to excellence. We’ve taken elements of ISO and smashed them together with common sense in order to create a system where it is easy to identify a non conforming product while providing channels of communication and effective process to make the corrections so they never come back again. Fantastic!

That’s all for now, if I don’t talk to you all before the holidays, I wish you all a very safe and happy one as well as a prosperous and happy new year. Be sure to shop til you drop at all of our customer partners that I’ve mentioned in previous posts and keep our economy moving at a nice respectable level.

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Kwanza
Or whatever you may celebrate.

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