Euro Cup 2012, CBSF Hockey and The Profit 200

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Michael Benarroch

Euro Cup 2012, CBSF Hockey and The Profit 200

Posted on June 28, 2012 by Michael Benarroch


Fresh back from a trip to Poland! Yes, thank goodness for air miles. We’ve always talked about how exciting it would be to actually be at a European soccer match with the crowd singing and cheering, so I took my oldest son and off we went to see Poland vs Greece and Italy vs Spain. It was everything we thought it would be. The passion was incredible. Whether we were at breakfast or dinner or walking down the street, people could break into song at any time supporting their respective nation. It’s too bad that Poland didn’t make it through to the next round as their fans were fantastic.

There were a lot of things that I was ignorant to about the history of Poland that were really eye opening for us. What a resilient nation. For the past 100 years or so, Germany, Austria and Russia have been batting Poland around like a cat with a toy mouse. With several million casualties along the way. The fact that they’ve only been a free nation for past 23 years is an unbelievable thought and that they were basically levelled in World War Two and have completely rebuilt is an incredible feat.

A surprisingly beautiful spot as well. When I thought of Poland, the last thing that came to mind were beaches and resorts, but the north of Poland in and around G’dansk is a fantastic spot to take the family for a vacation (with exception of the 8 hour plane ride).

We’re very proud to once again have not one, but two companies in this year’s Profit 200 list of the fastest growing companies in Canada. CBSF came in at number 20 this year and Antalex Custom Fabricating, which is our extremely diversified metal division came in at number 181. Check us out in Profit magazine.

A few of us from the Sales and Customer Service Team helped Hudson’s Bay Corporation celebrate their annual golf tournament raising money for several charities and bringing people together for some mostly poor golf, excellent food and cocktails. Every year they have some great celebrities there. This year was no exception, check out the pics.

Our friends at Earth Rangers remain hard at work in the never ending responsibility of educating our youth how best they can save the planet. Have a look at the latest edition to their website with the Earth Rangers Centre Tour.

The CBSF 4 on 4 hockey team, of which yours truly is coaching, came blasting out of the gate with three convincing wins. Then we hit a local rep team that humbled us pretty quickly. We will be ready for them next time.

Lastly, we recently celebrated our 9th Annual Company BBQ. It’s so exciting for us to sit back and enjoy the company of our ever increasing group of employee/friends and have a few laughs. This year was especially classic with the addition of the dunk tank to the program of events. Several of the key management, along with myself, braved the cold water in the name of our favourite charity and good old fashioned fun. Our installation division, Canada’s Best Merchandising Services, upped the ante buy pouring 25 lbs of ice into the tank right before I stepped up. It was quite a line up and they were pretty good shots. Parts of me may still be in that water…  Check out the pics.

Thats all for now. As always, please feel free to visit us at and let us know how we can help.