Choosing Effective Store Fixtures: 11 Tips

Posted on August 10, 2013 by Michael Benarroch

Choosing Effective Store Fixtures: 11 Tips

Posted on August 10, 2013 by Michael Benarroch

A basket of goods is only as good as its basket.

From a retail standpoint, that means picking the most efficient, appealing and customer-friendly store fixtures you can, so consumers perusing the goods that rest among them are compelled to reach for their wallets. Shopping is a psychological exercise, after all, and if a store’s goods are appealingly set off, so too is the buy-stuff dopamine in their brains.

To that end, some tips for your basket:

• Go neutral. The less flashy the backdrop, the less likely it’ll distract from the wares it offsets.

Consider your customers’ needs. If it’s petite women you’re after, don’t erect shelving units six feet from the ground. If you sell to children, keep the sweet stuff in their line of vision.

Consider your products’ characteristics. If it’s high-end merch, go with high-end fixtures; if it’s utilitarian, stock up on plastic bins.

Integrate seamlessly. Stores with chockablock fixture choices might jettison their efforts to be quirky with a cluttered design. Make fixtures consistent throughout the store.

Choose fixtures designed for their eventual purpose. If you’ve got products with lots of fiddly accessories in their orbit, make sure the units you pick can accommodate the efficient display of every last piece.

• Choose generous shelving. Fixtures with limited display areas and shallow bins are constant make-workers.

• Be practical. Fixtures that block the access to, or view of, the products they display defeat their purpose. Full stop. And steer clear of sharp-edged or accident-inviting details on the things.

• Attract attention responsibly. Eye-catching store fixtures with just the right amount of flash can draw eyeballs to a patch of retail real estate like nothing else.

• Lay out the store sensibly. Successful retailers know the value of creating a spend-friendly pathway for consumers navigating their wares. Note that an average person’s field of vision is about 170 degrees around.

• Use lighting smartly. You can highlight premium products with a few well-directed spotlights.Image

• Change your fixtures often. Revamping the space and rotating your stock keeps the scene orderly and fresh.